Maca: Nimmst du sie richtig ein?

Maca: are you taking it right?

Is your Maca gelatinized? 

Maca is one of the adaptogens that moved us to start our own company. Why? Well, we realized that often the maca that you find is not properly prepared to eat or the directions on how to eat it are all wrong.

Wait... What?!?

Maca is like a potato: you shouldn’t eat it raw. Raw maca can cause belly aches, gas, and other unpleasantries. To make things even worse, raw maca doesn’t deliver the benefits of this wonderful adaptogen. If you take raw maca, you may get stomach upset and have no benefit at all. I learned that the hard way.

I have a sensitive stomach. When I started experimenting with adaptogens, I thought maca just wasn’t for me. Every time I took it maca I felt sick. I wanted the hormonal benefits, but the uncomfortable bloating and nausea I got from it couldn’t be good. I gave up on maca. That is until I read the science.

I was reading some of the research on maca’s benefits when I stumbled upon some surprising news: Maca shouldn’t be consumed raw! Wait… what? I ran to my kitchen to check the package I had bought with my hard-earned coin: ‘Bio Maca Powder. Raw. Recommended uses: add a spoonful to smoothies, drinks, and cereals.’ No mentions of cooking anywhere. No wonder I was having so much trouble with it!

I had to try my new knowledge, so I made a maca decoction. I drank it carefully, half expecting the urge to vomit I always got after drinking it. Nothing. Only the goodness that one feels after taking good adaptogens.

This is the main thing I want to avoid at Agabia: lack of information about our products. 

If you don’t want the hassle to cook maca every time, you can just buy pre-cooked or gelatinized maca. Gelatinized maca is just maca that has been cooked during the drying proccess (and still perfectly vegan). The powder is indistinguishable from raw maca, but it tastes better and has all the goodness and benefits of this root ready to be absorbed. There’s no gelatine involved in the process, just heat. 


- Maca should not be eaten raw.
- If you have already bought raw maca, it has to be cooked. It can be added to baked goods and stews. Some of our favorite recipes are: maca-macadamia-cookies and maca and dates hot chocolate. You can also add it to boiling water for a couple of minutes and then consume both the resulting tea and the powder. After boiling, this mixture will last 3 days in the fridge.
- If you want to add it to smoothies, cereals, etc, make sure to buy gelatinized maca: don’t worry, there is no gelatine involved! Gelatinized maca should be still 100% pure maca. The  gelatinization process ensures that the active compounds in maca are bioavailable and that the enzymes and molecules that cause digestive upset are destroyed.

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