About us

Who are we?

Agabia is the dream of a wife and a husband who fell in love with adaptogens. We are a family business based in Basel, Switzerland. We keep our production small to ensure the best possible quality and carefully handpick every product we sell and the way we sell it. 

We chose the highest quality adaptogens. Our products are 100% organic and responsibly harvested. We provide clear, science-based information about all products. 

How did all this start?

I’m Gabi. Adaptogens were a life-changing discovery for me. After a rough year full of deep grief and unbearable stress, I stumbled upon ashwagandha. I needed something to help me recover from very high levels of stress as well as physical damage and blood loss. I couldn’t exercise. I couldn’t sleep. The worst part is that I felt trapped in a hole where healing was not possible. 

Even though I’m very grateful for the access to conventional medicine I have, my work as a health care professional makes me very aware of all the side effects of medication. I didn’t want to take the sleep aids my doctor was prescribing me, so I started to look for alternatives. That’s when I found ashwagandha.

I was astonished by its effects on me, I couldn’t believe how it helped me sleep at night without making me sleepy during the day. How it made me see things clearer. How it allowed my body and mind to heal. 

Ashwagandha helped me resist stress better. Not mask it. Not suppress it. Just enhance my ability to bounce back from it. I started looking into it. Sure enough, there’s more and more scientific research on this matter. Indeed, there’s a ton of science on Ashwagandha’s ability to prevent stress malfunctions. But its benefits don’t end there. 

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, so soon enough I was compulsively learning all about adaptogens. My scientific background kicked in. I turned into a learning machine, reading article after article. (I finally got to use all the knowledge from my Master’s in Scientific Research. Yay!) 

I became obsessed with learning all the ways adaptogens could help people. I bought adaptogens for my family, my friends, even patients. I was in love. But the more I learned, the more questions I got: ‘Why did the ashwagandha I bought for my mom have a greenish tint when the ripe ashwagandha root should be almost white? Why did the maca recipe I was trying to make called for raw maca when maca should ALWAYS be cooked? Did every adaptogen really need so much plastic packaging?...’ 

These questions piled on until I realized I wanted more than just adaptogens. I don’t only want a product. I want much more. I want the best quality suppliers. I want accurate information. I want respect for the environment. And maybe you want all that too.

Our vision

That’s why with the help of my lovely husband, I created Agabia. A place that could ensure you the highest quality products, 100% organic produce, environmentally friendly packaging, and clear and true information. We are proud of each one of our products.  From the ingredients to the manufacturing process, to the packaging. But our mission doesn’t end there. Adaptogens are just one tool to living your best life, but there are many more. We want you to have them all! 

We want you to unlock your best life. That’s why we offer regular free health challenges in which you’ll learn how to meditate, how to improve your sleep, how to create healthy boundaries, and much more. You don’t need to buy from us to be part of the family! You can simply rely on Agabia for clear, accurate, and scientifically backed knowledge to improve your day-to-day. Our goal is to help you heal and live your best life.  

Aside from adaptogens and bringing you useful knowledge, we love being in nature. Our home looks like a tiny jungle, and when we are not working, we are hiking with our lively dog and discovering all the wonders Switzerland has to offer.