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Bio Lion's mane - Hericium herinaceus

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Hericium herinaceus - Lion’s Mane - Yamabushitake

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The super-mushroom is the perfect aid for your brain. Science and tradition are in agreement on this one: the fruiting body of Lion’s Mane improves brain status and cognition. It’s proven to increase neurotrophic growth factor: a key molecule in neuron regeneration. Maybe that’s why Buddhist monks take it before meditation.

Not only it’s a brain enhancer, but also an adaptogen and a gut healer. Like most adaptogens, it decreases inflammation and is highly antioxidant.

This mushroom is one of our favourite herbals. It’s very safe, can be consumed by all ages, and will help you be your sharper self.

Lion’s Mane is an endangered species in the wild. We only source it from sustainable organic farms, to keep all our products ethical. All our mushrooms are cell wall extracted for optimized bioavailability and we use only the fruiting body for maximum quality per gram of product.