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Bio Reishi

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Reishi - Ganoderma lucidum - Ling zhi

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The “king of all herbal medicines”, for centuries, only emperors had access to reishi. Reishi was so sacred that images of the fungus decorate the Chinese Emperor’s residences as a symbol of longevity and health.  

Reishi is actually the Japanese name. In Chinese, reishi is called ling zhi or “spirit plant”. Taoist believe that this mushroom helps balance the mind and elevate the spirit. Other names for this wonder fungi are “plant of immortality,” “supreme protector,” and “herb of spiritual potency”. 

Science is quickly catching up to traditional eastern medicines in recognizing reishi as a powerhouse of a mushroom. Some of the proven benefits of reishi are:

  • Protection and healing of the liver.
  • Support of the antitumoral effect of chemo- and radiotherapy treatments.
  • Central nervous system relaxation 
  • Neuroprotection
  • Immune system balancer: it diminishes allergies and inflammation

A staple in our household, reishi brew is often part of my evening routine. Reishi is my adaptogen of choice when I have a lot to process or my mind chatter just won’t hush.

Reishi has a mild and cumulative adaptogenic effect. It can be taken daily and is well tolerated at all ages.