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Bio Tulsi - Holy basil - Ocimum sactum

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Tulsi - Holy Basil

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In Hinduism, Tulsi is the earthly form of goddess Lakshmi, ruler of wealth, fortune, power, beauty and prosperity. This makes Tulsi the holiest of all plants. They also call it Holy Basil. With these credentials, tulsi has a lot to live up to. And let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint.

Tulsi is an herb of clarity, ideal to keep your spirits up on the daily, and wonderful for immunity. We love tulsi. We love it so much we have made 3 different versions of tulsi tea. You have to try them! Tulsi has a lovely flavour on its own, but our Sweet Tulsi and Tender Tea taste AMAZING.

Our tulsi variations:

  • Tulsi natural: 100% organic tulsi.
  • Sweet Tulsi: This recipe is doubly adaptogenic. The Holy Basil is naturally sweetened with Licorice Root and harmonised with soft Mint. You'll LOVE this one. Trust me. It tastes sweet, soft, and perfectly balanced. A truly well rounded formula that’s delicious hot and cold.
  • Tender Tea: Tulsi and Liquorice with a delightful Raw Cacao touch.

We only use organic herbs and spices to flavour our teas, so the taste will be natural and mild, and develop more the longer you steep our tea blends.