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Sweet Tulsi

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This tea is doubly adaptogenic and an absolute favourite among our family and friends. The holy basil harmonizes with the naturally sweet liquorice root for a mild adaptogenic formula that will help you keep up with the daily chaos. To finish it off, sweet spearmint gives the mixture a delicate flavour. Liquorice and spearmint are traditional herbs for good digestion, which makes this tea the perfect mid-afternoon pick-me-up. 

You'll LOVE this one. Trust me. It tastes sweet, soft, and perfectly balanced. A truly well-rounded formula that’s delicious hot and cold. Just steep it for at least ten minutes to get maximum effects. As most good quality herbal teas, the flavour will also get better the longer you let it steep.

Tip: In the summer I brew a big jug in the evenings and let it cold in the fridge overnight for the most delicious, sugar-free sweet tea. 

Ingredients: Bio Tulsi, Bio Licorice root, Bio Mint

Dosage: up to 4 cups a day.